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European Boating Industry is proud to welcome new members

During its Assembly General which took place on 22 January 2018 in boot Dusseldorf, European Boating Industry representatives approved two new members:

The Croatian Employers' Association (CEA) - Nautical Sector Association has been founded in 2009 and has 75-member companies coming from different nautical fields: leisure boat builders, marinas, charter companies, agents, boat and equipment distributors, service providers, nautical fairs organizers and nautical magazines publishers. The Association has been recognized as a trusted negotiating partner whenever nautical and maritime legislation is discussed.

Croatia joined the EU in 2013, and nautical tourism represents a very important part of the Croatian GDP, generating almost 1 billion euros annually to the local economy. CEA is striving to obtain better conditions for the nautical sector together with its European counterparts.

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RACEIX is a company based in Ireland, which is developing solutions to actual and potential boaters across Europe which will boost usage, improve safety, and encourage a more ‘social and shared’ boating experience. Their technology has completed its ‘proof of concept’ stage and they are currently working through prototyping and advanced engineering processes. RACEIX is focusing on the sub-26’ (< 8 metres) powered sector of marine-leisure (sports boats, fishing boats, starter boats, etc.). The expected launch of their product-range is in the USA in 2019, followed immediately by a European launch. For more information, visit

The Chief Executive of RACEIX, Aidan Foley, said “We believe that our work in developing a suite of consumer-facing products in the marine-leisure sector can compliment many of the goals of the European Boating Industry and we’re therefore keen to further explore, action and activate these opportunities through a formal relationship.”

RACEIX is the first Sustaining Member of European Boating Industry – a new type of membership recently created to allow companies to join where there is no national association belonging to EBI.


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