About EBI

European Boating Industry (EBI) represents the recreational boating industry in Europe, which encompasses the following subsectors:

  • boatbuilders (building motorboats, sailing boats, yachts, personal watercraft, and other recreational boats)
  • engine manufacturers
  • equipment manufacturing
  • refit and maintenance companies
  • boat dealers and importers
  • marinas and yacht harbours
  • boat charter and rental companies
  • water sports rental companies
  • other related companies

EBI is made up of the national associations representing the recreational boating industry in EU countries, in addition to several individual companies which are sustaining members. EBI is an established stakeholder at EU level, defending and promoting the interests of its members on key issues ranging from Single Market legislation to blue growth, tourism and trade policy.

In Europe, the recreational boating industry is made up of 32,000 companies (mostly SMEs) which directly employ over 280,000 people. The sector is a key contributor to tourism and to local economies in coastal and island regions, and Europe is an important exporter of recreational boating products.

You can find more about what we stand for here.

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