Monday, 20 January 2020 18:53

Environmental sustainability and safety at the centre of high-level meeting with European Maritime Safety Agency

EMSA EBI meetingEuropean Boating Industry (EBI) met with Maja Markovčić Kostelac, Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and key leadership staff to discuss the agency’s new strategy, its new work on recreational boating and common priorities around environmental sustainability and maritime safety.

The discussions centred on the new strategy of the agency covering the period 2020-2024 that will focus on recreational boating for the first time. EBI and EMSA will be working together on topics related to maritime safety and environmental sustainability to develop concrete outcomes.

Both organisations share an understanding of the importance of maritime safety and environmental sustainability. This is at the heart of the boating industry and is a key area of EBI’s activities in the coming years. EBI will be engaging with EMSA to develop a positive approach to the issues and represent the European recreational boating industry. The meeting took place at the Lisbon headquarters of EMSA with the EBI delegation consisting of Philip Easthill, Secretary-General of EBI and Stefano Pagani Isnardi, Research Department Manager, Confindustria Nautica (Member of EBI).

EMSA provides technical expertise and operational assistance to improve maritime safety, pollution preparedness and response and maritime security. It is an official EU agency and its mission is to serve EU’s maritime interests for a safe, secure, green and competitive maritime sector. EMSA works on maritime safety, security, climate, environment and single market issues.