The EU RCD Guide

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Boating professionals, how well do you know the new EU rules?

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Since 18 January 2016 the new EU rules on boats, personal watercraft, engines and components apply.

European Boating Industry and ICOMIA developed the EU RCD guide to provide you with all you need to know to safely manufacture, import, distribute and sell your products on the EU single market, EEA and Switzerland.

The guide contains:

  • A “quick guide” that enables anyone to make sure the product they plan to use and acquire is safe, clean and compliant with EU rules;
  • Detailed chapters with full info on the legal framework, the main changes in the essential safety and environmental requirements, the conformity assessment procedures for certification and CE-marking, the strengthened market surveillance and the special cases.

Readers will also appreciate:

  • The comparative table outlining the old and new text and the corresponding harmonised standards
  • The list of competent national authorities in the EU, EEA and Switzerland
  • The list of notified bodies accredited to perform the conformity assessment and certification procedures
  • The template for the EU Declaration of Conformity and more.

Downloadable online standards!

Thanks to AFNOR - French standarisation body, members of FIN (our French Federation of Nautical Industries) can profit from an access to the main ISO standards online (in both French and English). Unfortunately, at the moment only the companies registered in France can be a member of FIN.