European Commission puts funding behind European Green Deal

Following the European Commission’s presentation of the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan was presented. Its aim is to mobilise public investment and unlock private funds through EU financial instruments. This should have an overall value of at least €1 trillion. It is based on three dimensions:

  1. Financing: A greater share of spending on climate and environmental action from the EU budget to encourage private funding, which will be led by the European Investment Bank
  2. Enabling: providing incentives to unlock and redirect public and private investment through sustainable finance rules
  3. Practical support: The Commission will provide support to public authorities and project promoters in planning, designing and executing sustainable projects

The full proposal on the Sustainable Investment Plan can be found here. EBI will be working with the EU institutions to ensure that the recreational boating industry is supported in its transition towards sustainability and inform the sector about funding opportunities.

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