Review of the Recreational Craft Directive to start in 2020

The Recreational Craft Directive regulates key aspects of boat building, as well as that of certain components. The latest revision dates from 2013 and has been applicable since January 2016.

The Directive contains review clauses, meaning that the European Commission is obliged to review the Directive and its application with the possibility of proposing legislative changes. This process is due to formally start in early 2020 and will likely end in 2022. It will include reports analysing the Directive and a potential legislative proposal to change the RCD. This would then be subject to the legislative process in the Council and European Parliament. The review will likely focus on the feasibility of exhaust emission reductions, potential requirements for evaporative exhaust emissions, the current design categories and potential need for further subcategories. A third-party study will provide the underlying basis for the review and will be awarded to a contractor towards the end of 2019.

Members have been informed about the review and are asked to provide input to EBI by mid-December. EBI will closely follow the review process and engage with it in order to represent the recreational boating industry. Any questions or input should be brought to the attention of the EBI Office.

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