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EBI and The SeaCleaners organise webinar on harnessing the potential of recreational boating against marine litter

Brussels, 19 March 2021 - European Boating Industry, representing the recreational boating sector in Europe, and The SeaCleaners, the NGO created by sailor Yvan Bourgnon to combat plastic pollution, are holding a webinar on 19 May. It will introduce The SeaCleaners and present opportunities for boaters and the recreational boating industry to become involved in tackling marine litter.

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The webinar will be an opportunity for boating industry stakeholders, including companies and boaters, to engage with the issue of marine pollution. As a beneficiary of a clean and healthy marine environment, the boating community is a natural ally in protecting seas and oceans. The webinar is held on the occasion of European Maritime Day, which provides every year an opportunity for EU citizens to engage with maritime affairs and sustainable blue growth through events across Europe.

The event will include the participation of Yvan Bourgnon, President and founder of The SeaCleaners, as well as its Technical Director Frederic Silvert, who will share technological insights of the Manta, the flagship project of The SeaCleaners. The Manta is a revolutionary vessel currently being developed, which will be powered by renewable energy. It will collect and process floating waste, capable of collecting up to 3 tonnes of debris per hour. The webinar will be moderated by Valérie Amant, Director of Communications at The SeaCleaners. Andreea Strachinescu, Head of Unit for Maritime innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, will also present the EU’s actions against marine litter and involvement of different actors in plastic waste collection.

Following the presentations, the audience will be engaged through a Q&A session. Various opportunities for support and involvement in the The SeaCleaners’ mission will be presented to participants in this practical and interactive webinar.

The webinar is the first activity organised in the framework of the collaboration between The SeaCleaners and European Boating Industry, which was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding in January 2021.

The webinar will take place on 19 May, 11:00 – 12:00 and is open to all participants.



About European Boating Industry

European Boating Industry (EBI) represents the recreational boating industry in Europe, which encompasses boatbuilders (building motorboats, sailing boats, yachts, personal watercraft, and other recreational boats), engine manufacturers, equipment manufacters, refit and maintenance companies, boat dealers and importers, marinas and yacht harbours, boat charter and rental companies, water sports rental companies, andother related companies.

EBI's members are the national associations representing the recreational boating industry, as well as a number of individual companies (sustaining members). EBI is an established stakeholder at EU level, defending and promoting the interests of its members on key issues ranging from Single Market legislation to blue growth, tourism and trade policy. In Europe, the recreational boating industry is made up of 32,000 companies (mostly SMEs) which directly employ over 280,000 people. The sector is a key contributor to tourism and to local economies in coastal and island regions, and Europe is an important exporter of recreational boating products.

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About The SeaCleaners

Created in 2016 by the French-Swiss navigator and explorer Yvan Bourgnon, the organisation offers solutions against plastic pollution through corrective and preventive actions. An Observer Member of the United Nations Environment Programme, supported by the Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the CCI France International, The SeaCleaners has four objectives:

  • Collection of floating waste at sea, coastal line and rivers as well as organisation of clean-ups on land.
  • Education and pedagogy, with the development of awareness-raising activities for the populations affected, the public and decision-makers.
  • Advancement of scientific research.
  • Transition towards circular economy based on valorisation of collected waste.

The association’s flagship project is The Manta, a revolutionary vessel showcasing The SeaCleaners’ solutions: powered by renewable energy, this giant of the seas will be the first deep-sea vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating oceanic waste before it fragments and enters the marine ecosystem in a lastingly manner.

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