EBI's Council is responsible for setting the organisation's policies and strategies. It looks at approaches, initiatives and projects at European level which can bring real benefits to European companies and boaters in the leisure marine industry.

The Council is composed of maximum 9 elected representatives who are proposed by their national organisation. Most of them are companies' leaders and therefore actively involved in the boating business. The current Council was chosen at the Assembly General in Split in June 2019 and is composed of 5 members:

JPgoudant President
Jean-Pierre GOUDANT

CARLOS SANLORENZO 200x300 Vice-President & Treasurer
Secretary-General, ANEN (Spanish Nautical Association)
piotr 2 Vice-President
President of the Management Board, Ostroda Yachts (boatbuilding)
Member & Past President
Robert MARX
Owner & CEO, Marx Technik (equipment distribution) & President, BVWW

Member & Past President
CEO, ZAR Formenti (boatbuilding)

Secretariat & Office in Brussels
012Philip Easthill43371



In addition, the Executive Committee prepares the work of the Council and works with the Secretary-General on providing input to EU policy developments. It meets several times per year, and it is made up of the secretary-generals (or other representatives) of the national associations that are full members of EBI. It is led by the secretary-general from the same association as the President of the EBI Council. The current holder is Maud Dugourd (FIN Secretary-General).