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EBI Manifesto is here!

PRESS RELEASE – 11 February 2019


European Boating Industry is proud to announce the publication of its Manifesto

The boating industry is a key player for Europe’s industrial future and for its citizens. It provides highly specialized jobs, growth, trade, regional development, it fosters the contact with nature and the oceans, promotes active lifestyle and encourages the social development of the communities invested in it. As we navigate through a period of uncertainty on the global stage, it is vital to focus on our strengths and maximise the opportunities we encounter. The European Union is the primary source of legislation and regulation for the industry, therefore accurately developing a European strategy and monitoring the development in the EU institutions is paramount to the success of the sector. To represent the interests of the industry and to help develop tools to surpass these challenges, European Boating Industry supports the fostering of European know-how, innovation, standardization and sustainability in order to keep the European market an attractive sector for both new and regular users and to be the voice of these excellencies.


For more information, please contact:

Andrea Lotesoriere – European Boating Industry
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Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry
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PRESS RELEASE – 30 January 2019
The fourth edition of the International Breakfast Meeting focused on the Charter boats business and its challenges

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On January 22nd, the 50th edition of boot Düsseldorf international boat show saw the industry gather at the annual International Breakfast Meeting, jointly organised by European Boating Industry (EBI) and boot Düsseldorf.

The fourth edition drew record numbers of participants, reaching 150 attendees from all over the world. Petros Michelidakis, director of boot Düsseldorf, Robert Marx, president of boot Düsseldorf and Piero Formenti, president of EBI, together welcomed the participants and highlighted the achievements, the challenges and the opportunities for the sector.

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Secretary-General of EBI Sandrine Devos introduced the speakers and moderated the event. The keynote speech was given by Felix Leinemann, Head of Unit at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). In his intervention, he addressed several issues and topics, ranging from the growing size of the “Blue Economy” to the shifting user behaviour from full ownership to rental or fractional ownership, the end-of-life policies in member states and at the EU level, the lack of cross-border recognition of professional qualifications and, of course, of the growing impact of the Charter business.

After the keynote speech Josie Tucci, sales and marketing Vice-President at The Moorings and Sunsail, took the floor and gave an inspiring presentation, focusing on the history of the charter business as well as a current overview of this sector. In particular, she highlighted the ever-closer cooperation between the charter business and boatbuilders, the innovations driven by chartering such as space and home comfort, navigation equipment, water management and much more. She then continued by analysing the growth of the multi-hulls market as well as the importance of the user experience on board and on the lesson to be learned from the automotive sector.

The next speaker was Fabian Escudé, sales manager at Hermanos Guasch. In his presentation he highlighted the specific needs of the chartering business and how they are addressed in the industry. These needs include the evolving experience the users seek while chartering, such as celebrations and corporate events, tours and fishing experiences, all year navigation and so on. He continued by giving an overview of the charter market in Spain, the negative and positive trends in the sector and a few forecasts for the future.

David Irvine, co-founder and CTO of Enaviga, closed the session with a thought-provoking presentation on the business model of chartering and its future evolutions. In particular he addressed the issue of the gap in the supply chain between users and manufacturers, the lack of focus on the user experience and on innovation, particularly when it comes to automation, sustainable manufacturing and usage models.

A Q&A session followed, where the participants had the opportunity to engage in discussions and network with the speakers and with the rest of the audience.


For more information, please contact:
Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or T +32 473 637334

Lara Hannappel – boot Düsseldorf
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or T +49 (0) 211/4560-563

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boot Düsseldorf joins EBI family!

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European Boating Industry is pleased to welcome boot Düsseldorf as its newest sustaining member. In the year marking its 50th anniversary, the world class trade fair has joined EBI, sharing our vision on the future of boating. Together we will continue to advance and aid our sector, sailing towards a promising tomorrow.

boot Düsseldorf boasts some truly incredible numbers. In 2019, the 220 thousand square meters of the 16 halls in Düsseldorf will host around 2000 exhibitors from 73 different countries, more than 2,000 journalists and expecting nearly 250,000 visitors from over a hundred countries.
Find out more on boot Düsseldorf and what it has in mind for these 50 years together:



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