Legislation and Directives

Legislation and Directives (6)

Also known as Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

What is the aim of the directive?

  • It establishes a common approach and objectives for the prevention, protection and conservation of the marine environment against damaging human activities
  • It requires EU countries to develop strategies to achieve ‘good environmental status’ by 2020
  • It emphasises the need for EU countries to cooperate with their neighbours in the marine regions
  • It recognises the importance of spatial protection measures for the marine environment



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Communication published in February 2014

Following the Commission's 2010 Communication announcing a strategy for sustainable coastaland maritime tourism, this Communication from 2014 proposes joint responses to the
multiple challenges, with a view to capitalise on Europe's strengths and enabling it to substantially contribute to the Europe 2020 objectives for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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What does the directive do?

  • It updates legislation covering the design and manufacture of motor and sailing craft.
  • It seeks to ensure that, by complying with the same standards, there is fair competition for these products in the EU market.
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Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights

What is the aim of this directive?

  • It seeks to increase consumer protection by harmonising several key aspects of national legislation on contracts between customers and sellers.
  • It encourages trade between EU countries, particularly for consumers buying online.
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