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Prepared for the European Commission, in November 2016

The objective of this study was to provide the European Commission with evidence to inform decisions about the development of EU policy on issues relevant to nautical tourism. The specific objectives were to, for a predefined set of nautical tourism topics:

  • Explore and identify problems affecting the market performance;
  • Identify policy options and an elaborated short list of options that address the causes of these problems; and
  • Analyse the expected impacts of the short-list of policy options
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Commissioned by the European Conferederation of Nautical Industries, ECNI

June 2009

This study is structured in order to follow the life-cycle approach of a boat, and identify its environmental impact from its conception and manufacturing stage, through its useful life and related operations, and concluding with its disposal at the end of life of the boat.

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Published in October 2015

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires Member States to adopt Programmes of Measures to achieve good environmental status in their marine waters by 2020.

The Programmes of Measures shall include spatial protection measures contributing to coherent and representative networks of marine protected areas (MPAs). This is the report on the progress in establishing marine protected areas

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