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On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, European Boating Industry held its Assembly General and Council meetings in Brussels, Belgium. The Assembly General elected the new Council which will act as the governing body of the association for the next 2 years.

Robert Marx (BVWW – Germany), Jean-Pierre Goudant (FIN – France), Piotr Jasionowski (POLBOAT – Poland) and Piero Formenti (UCINA – Italy) were re-elected as Council members. Carlos Sanlorenzo (ANEN – Spain) replaced Olda Straka (APL – Czech Republic) who retired from the Czech association. All the Council received the full support of the members.

The Council unanimously appointed Piero Formenti as the President for his second mandate, recognising his efforts in strengthening the association, while Jean-Pierre Goudant and Piotr Jasionowski were re-appointed Vice-Presidents. In addition, Mr Goudant will continue acting as Treasurer.

“European boat builders and other industry professionals deserve and need a strong association to represent their interests. The work of the Council is important, but the active commitment and involvement of all the EBI members is also essential to carry out our activities to better reflect the needs of all the members. On behalf of the newly elected Council, I would like to thank you for your trust and for your support. I can assure you that we will make the most of the next two years, promoting the sector and our key messages towards the EU decision-makers and all relevant stakeholders.”

Sandrine Devos, who became Secretary General exactly a year ago at the occasion of the Assembly General in Brussels, added: “With such competent and motivated Council Members by our side, the Secretariat in Brussels will be honoured to represent all of you at the EU level. I am also hopeful after today’s meetings that we will be able to welcome even more members on board in the future”. Secretary General thanked Olda Straka for his engagement in the association’s work during his time with APL.


On 27 and 28 April, Budva, in Montenegro, hosted the third edition of Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, the itinerant international event by Risposte Turismo.
More than 200 delegates joined us for two days of fruitful meetings and debates. Boating, ferry and cruising were at the center of the Forum, where European funds and programs, international private and public collaborations, joint promotion, investments in infrastructure, sustainable development, environmental priorities and much more have been presented and discussed.

A stronger cooperation among countries and at local level, a new approach for the realisation of boats that could take care of the raise of yachtsmen’s age, new initiatives tailored for young people and the enhancement of marinas’ service to satisfy the needs of charter companies clientele, were among the main topics discussed during the second round table dedicated to boating tourism in the area. The meeting was attended by Zoran Brkić, CEO, Adriatic Sailing, Srećko Favro, President of Adriatic Expert, Piero Formenti, President of European Boating Industry, Vittorio Impallomeni, Advisor to the Board of Directors of Assomarinas, Kristijan Pavić, as President of ACI Club, and Ivana Petrović, Senior Adviser, Maritime Safety Department –Montenegro Ministry of Transportation. Piero Formenti explained the needs of the recreational boating sector, including an harmonization of taxation and of professional skippers' qualifications.

Continue to follow the Adriatic Sea Forum project, keep updated on the website (adriaticseaforum.com) and on social accounts on Linkedin (Adriatic Sea Forum) and Twitter (@AdriatiSeaForum).

European Boating Industry Leisure marine voice in Europe Front coverEuropean Boating Industry is proud to release its new brochure.

It is available following the link: European Boating Industry - Leisure marine voice in Europe

European Boating Industry is passionate about implementing its members’ ideas and developing the right conditions for the industry to strive.

Friday, 17 February 2017 15:56

2nd International Breakfast Meeting Summary

2nd International Breakfast Meeting to serve successful way forward for boating industry

rsz boot17 bl13525On 24 January 2017, boot Düsseldorf and European Boating Industry organised the second edition of the International Breakfast meeting, marking the 5th year of their cooperation. The format of the event has proved successful, with an attendance of 100 industry delegates registered, (compared with 80 at the previous year’s event).

The theme of the event was “Being attractive to new-comers and keeping elderly people on board”, focusing on the changes in the demands of users of boats, due mainly to both demographics and an increasing of digital technology.

In their welcome address, Petros Michelidakis (Director of boot Düsseldorf), Robert Marx (President of boot Düsseldorf) and Piero Formenti (President of European Boating Industry), all underlined the challenging need for boatbuilders to meet the new expectations of boat users, topic which is a growing concern in most European countries.

The first speaker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Büddefeld (University Niederrhein), made the comparison between the boating industry and the car industry (presentation part 1, 2 and 3); the car industry has embraced the digital revolution to make their products interconnected for the benefit of users, while the boating industry made progress which need to be deepened so that boaters can enjoy an easier and more comfortable experience.

Teodora Marinska (European Travel Commission) then presented an outlook of what people expect nowadays from their leisure time: more variety of activities, more flexibility, and the possibility to use the digital tools. While this trend is valid for all types of leisure activities, boatbuilders verify its accuracy more and more.

Part of this new trend comes from the fact that people are now used to more collaborative models of economy. In particular, the temptation to “only” use instead of owning can influence the boating industry. Sergio Garcia (Fanautic) presented this emerging economic model in the boating industry, which should be seen as an opportunity to attract new-comers towards boating. If there are less boat owners but more users, the industry will need to follow closely this development.

The second part of the event focused on elderly people. The general demographic trend of an ageing population of boaters, was illustrated by the presentation from Philip Witte (BVWW) of a brand new German study. Although the sector will definitely face a reduction of its traditional base of users, the industry needs to see how it can keep elderly people on board for longer.

Dr. Wolf-Dieter Mell (Institut für Boots-Tourismus) explained the potential difficulties met by elderly people while boating, and hinted at some interesting ways to help them address these difficulties.

The numerous questions from the audience showed how topical this theme is. The complexity of the issue at stake calls for a variety of solutions, which the industry is capable to offer.

Pictures are available on the website: http://medianet.messe-duesseldorf.de/press/boot/main and all presentations are available.

On 6 December 2016, the conference “Innovation and Technology, the future of boating” was held at the Nautic – Paris International Boat Show - jointly organised by European Boating Industry, the French federation FIN and Reed Exposition.

The conference looked at how innovation and digitalisation can improve comfort and safety on board of recreational craft and how simplification of navigation or collaborative economy can make boating more attractive. It highlighted the lessons learned by the European industry leaders who export their innovations, which allows them to maintain a significant position on the international market.

Opening the conference, Jean-Pierre Goudant, Vice-President of European Boating Industry and the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) underlined the front-runner role which the boating industry can have in terms of innovation. Alain Pichavant, Director of Nautic Paris boat show, reminded of the importance to link national and European topics.

Connected boats were the focus of the first part of the event.

Mirna Cieniewicz (Beneteau Group) and Wavier Desmarests (Outremer Yachting) discussed the different aspects of connected boats, from hardware and collection of data to exploitation of data. They reminded the need to address not only connectivity but also the security of the data and the maintenance and services aspects.

Teddy Sant (Navico) and Yannick Perrigot (WE ARE NINA) explained that customers, now used to a certain comfort and connectivity on land (for instance with cars), were becoming more demanding at sea. They gave several examples of how new technologies were modifying boating. Such an evolution required the whole value chain to work together in order to fully embrace the new possibilities.

The second part of the conference focused on marinas.

Stéphanie de Bazelaire and Stéphane Millot (R Marina, S2F Network) and Jean-Michel Gaigné (TransEurope Marinas) presented the way in which marinas could use new technologies and other innovations to attract more people. The customer was here again at the heart of this revolution, but it could also significantly improve the daily operations.

All speakers underlined the importance of security and comfort on board, which were the main areas of work. One of the recent development was the fact that the whole industry (boat builders, equipment manufacturers and marinas), traditionally working separately, were more and more willing to do so together in the common objective of improving the customers’ experience. This collaboration and change of culture is in itself an innovation which will benefit all stakeholders.

Sébastien Milcendeau (Fédération des Industries Nautiques) and Sandrine Devos (European Boating Industry) concluded the event by opening the theme of innovation to two related topics: the efforts of the Fédération des Industries Nautiques to address the new trends of the sector in a collaborative approach through the “Nauticlab” (https://nauticlab.fr), and the need for the European boating industry to look carefully at the best ways to attract people on boats.


For more information, please contact:

Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry

Tel +32 / 473 637 334

Géraldine BONNEAU – Nautic Press contact

Mob. + 33 / (0)6 58 23 14 42

2017 will see the 5th year of the cooperation between boot Düsseldorf and European Boating Industry! We’re extremely proud and happy to celebrate this round anniversary with the 2nd edition of the format we introduced last year “International Breakfast Meeting” (after having organised before the International Conference for 3 consecutive years between 2013-2015).

Like last year, the event will be held on Tuesday, 24 January 2017 from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Congress Centre Düsseldorf (CCD East, Room R) on the boot fairground.

This second edition will be divided into two thematic parts: getting new-comers on board and keeping elderly people on board. When looking at the first challenge, the speakers will reflect together with the audience on new trends, such as interconnectedness and digitalisation (extremely popular in the car industry, for example) and how the boating industry can deal with them. They will also try to answer the question about, what people coming to Europe expect from their leisure time, including time spent on a boat or practising other water sports. Boat chartering and sharing, new emerging trends in the industry and their impact on the future of boating will also be discussed.

The second part of the Breakfast will address the demographic change and the fact that boating population is getting older. A brand new German study on the present and future situation will be presented at this occasion. Industry representatives will inform, how they react to the demographic change and what’s being done (could be done) to adapt boats to the new needs.

Participation to the International Breakfast Meeting is free for all exhibitors and the press. It offers a unique opportunity to combine stimulating presentations, lively exchanges of ideas and networking, while enjoying your breakfast.

The meeting will be held in English. Further information is available: invitation, programme and registration form.


For more information, please contact:

Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry

Tel +32 2 895 36 08 / 09


Lara Hannappel – boot Düsseldorf

Tel + +49 (0) 211 4560 563

Within a year from the first edition of the “Boat’s end-of-life, truly the end?” conference, organised jointly by European Boating Industry, the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Reed Expositions France, the environmental issues gained even more visibility. The Paris Agreement (reached around the same time as Nautic 2015) helped the cause by entering into force this November. Even though Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections brought the prospect of America pulling out from the Agreement, the French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal expressed hope the deal “won’t fall apart”.

Putting aside electrifying results of the US elections and their consequences, this year the partners will join forces again during the Paris boat show on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, at the Scène Nautic for the second consecutive year to discuss “Innovation & technology – future for boating”.

The conference will look at how innovation and digitalisation can improve comfort and safety on board of recreational craft and how simplification of navigation or collaborative economy can make boating more attractive. It will highlight the lessons learned by the European industry leaders who export their innovations, which allows them to maintain a significant position on the international market.

The event in Paris will be a good opportunity to also look at the recent developments in the field of “marinas of the future”, see how marinas adapt themselves to technological evolution, digital revolution, new services and the users’ demands.

“Innovation & technology – future for boating” is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the subject. The conference will be held in French. No prior registration is required, however you need a valid entrance ticket to access the Nautic boat show.

The event’s programme and the speakers’ list are available in English and French.


For more information, please contact:

Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel +32 / 473 637 334

Géraldine BONNEAU – Nautic Press contact

Mob. + 33 / (0)6 58 23 14 42

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.