European Boating Industry, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations and the National Marine Manufacturers Association warn about the consequences of a trade war for the recreational boating sector

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During its Assembly General which took place on 22 January 2018 in boot Dusseldorf, European Boating Industry representatives approved two new members:

The Croatian Employers' Association (CEA) - Nautical Sector Association has been founded in 2009 and has 75-member companies coming from different nautical fields: leisure boat builders, marinas, charter companies, agents, boat and equipment distributors, service providers, nautical fairs organizers and nautical magazines publishers. The Association has been recognized as a trusted negotiating partner whenever nautical and maritime legislation is discussed.

Croatia joined the EU in 2013, and nautical tourism represents a very important part of the Croatian GDP, generating almost 1 billion euros annually to the local economy. CEA is striving to obtain better conditions for the nautical sector together with its European counterparts.

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RACEIX is a company based in Ireland, which is developing solutions to actual and potential boaters across Europe which will boost usage, improve safety, and encourage a more ‘social and shared’ boating experience. Their technology has completed its ‘proof of concept’ stage and they are currently working through prototyping and advanced engineering processes. RACEIX is focusing on the sub-26’ (< 8 metres) powered sector of marine-leisure (sports boats, fishing boats, starter boats, etc.). The expected launch of their product-range is in the USA in 2019, followed immediately by a European launch. For more information, visit

The Chief Executive of RACEIX, Aidan Foley, said “We believe that our work in developing a suite of consumer-facing products in the marine-leisure sector can compliment many of the goals of the European Boating Industry and we’re therefore keen to further explore, action and activate these opportunities through a formal relationship.”

RACEIX is the first Sustaining Member of European Boating Industry – a new type of membership recently created to allow companies to join where there is no national association belonging to EBI.

PRESS RELEASE – 31 January 2018

Market development was a hit at the 3rd International Breakfast Meeting

The International Breakfast Meeting, organised jointly by boot Dusseldorf and European Boating Industry, is now a must-go for boatbuilders which gave very positive feedback on this year’s event.

After having addressed competitiveness, challenges and trends in boating in 2016, demographics and attractiveness of boating in 2017, the 3rd edition of the International Breakfast Meeting focused in 2018 on the market development in both well-established boating leading countries, (with the examples of France and the USA, and the reasons of their success) as well as in the emerging countries (illustrated by Colombia and South Korea, their drivers for development and potential obstacles).

The event was held on 23 January 2018 at the Congress Centre Düsseldorf on the boot fairground and attracted over 100 participants. Its main message is that the leisure boating industry is firmly on a growth track, in line with the strengthening global economy.

ibm2018After a welcome by Petros Michelidakis, director of boot Düsseldorf, Robert Marx, president of boot Düsseldorf, and Piero Formenti, president of EBI, Anouk Groen (CMF Trend Forecaster) gave an inspiring and lively presentation depicting the latest design trends in Sports and power products and how these could relate to boating.

Udo Kleinitz, Secretary General of The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), presented Colombia as the first example of emerging market. Public perception of safety is still impacting the potential of the boating market, but the nautical sector has become one of the strategic bets of the National Government. The recently created national nautical association, Asonautica, established a new boat show, expanding the prospects of the Colombian market.

Tim Coventry, Special Adviser to the Korean International Boat Show, then move onto the growing market of South Korea. The country has the specificity to be a well-established economy, but the boating market is still emerging. Recreational fishing is one of the drivers of the development of boating, which is further supported by a nationwide Marina Development Plan.

Sebastien Milcendeau, Technical Manager and International Business Development at French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN), presented the French market which is the leader in Europe. The fact that France is the 1st destination for tourism worldwide is a key factor, but the know-how and the historical involvement in competition played an important role.

Finally, Robert Newsome, Vice President, Engineering Standards & Membership at National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), gave a very documented presentation on the world’s largest boating market, the USA. Almost one of every five dollars Americans spend on Outdoor recreation are spent on boating and fishing. Growth is there despite the demographical challenges that the USA face as Europe.


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On Tuesday, 5 December 2017 at the Paris Nautic we were taken for a journey, the “Digital Boat Odyssey”. The voyage which had started even before the boating community knew it has been a part of it, the one towards the “numerical world”, hence the third edition of the Nautic conference became a great opportunity to discuss the direction in which this adventure is heading and the nautical role in it. This year event, organised jointly by European Boating Industry (EBI), the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Nautic Festival, gathered on one stage not only the representatives of the industry who contribute daily to creatingrsz nautic collage new image of boating with the help of digital tools, on land and on water, but also the European Commission policy officers who coordinate the policies related to nautical tourism at the European Union level.

On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, European Boating Industry held its Assembly General and Council meetings in Brussels, Belgium. The Assembly General elected the new Council which will act as the governing body of the association for the next 2 years.

Robert Marx (BVWW – Germany), Jean-Pierre Goudant (FIN – France), Piotr Jasionowski (POLBOAT – Poland) and Piero Formenti (UCINA – Italy) were re-elected as Council members. Carlos Sanlorenzo (ANEN – Spain) replaced Olda Straka (APL – Czech Republic) who retired from the Czech association. All the Council received the full support of the members.

On 27 and 28 April, Budva, in Montenegro, hosted the third edition of Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, the itinerant international event by Risposte Turismo.
More than 200 delegates joined us for two days of fruitful meetings and debates. Boating, ferry and cruising were at the center of the Forum, where European funds and programs, international private and public collaborations, joint promotion, investments in infrastructure, sustainable development, environmental priorities and much more have been presented and discussed.

European Boating Industry is proud to release its new brochure. It is available following the link: European Boating Industry - Leisure marine voice in Europe

European Boating Industry is passionate about implementing its members’ ideas and developing the right conditions for the industry to strive.


rsz boot17 bl13525On 24 January 2017, boot Düsseldorf and European Boating Industry organised the second edition of the International Breakfast meeting, marking the 5th year of their cooperation. The format of the event has proved successful, with an attendance of 100 industry delegates registered, (compared with 80 at the previous year’s event).

The theme of the event was “Being attractive to new-comers and keeping elderly people on board”, focusing on the changes in the demands of users of boats, due mainly to both demographics and an increasing of digital technology.

In their welcome address, Petros Michelidakis (Director of boot Düsseldorf), Robert Marx (President of boot Düsseldorf) and Piero Formenti (President of European Boating Industry), all underlined the challenging need for boatbuilders to meet the new expectations of boat users, topic which is a growing concern in most European countries.

On 6 December 2016, the conference “Innovation and Technology, the future of boating” was held at the Nautic – Paris International Boat Show - jointly organised by European Boating Industry, the French federation FIN and Reed Exposition.

The conference looked at how innovation and digitalisation can improve comfort and safety on board of recreational craft and how simplification of navigation or collaborative economy can make boating more attractive. It highlighted the lessons learned by the European industry leaders who export their innovations, which allows them to maintain a significant position on the international market.

Opening the conference, Jean-Pierre Goudant, Vice-President of European Boating Industry and the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) underlined the front-runner role which the boating industry can have in terms of innovation. Alain Pichavant, Director of Nautic Paris boat show, reminded of the importance to link national and European topics.

Within a year from the first edition of the “Boat’s end-of-life, truly the end?” conference, organised jointly by European Boating Industry, the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Reed Expositions France, the environmental issues gained even more visibility. The Paris Agreement (reached around the same time as Nautic 2015) helped the cause by entering into force this November. Even though Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections brought the prospect of America pulling out from the Agreement, the French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal expressed hope the deal “won’t fall apart”.

Putting aside electrifying results of the US elections and their consequences, this year the partners will join forces again during the Paris boat show on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, at the Scène Nautic for the second consecutive year to discuss “Innovation & technology – future for boating”.

The conference will look at how innovation and digitalisation can improve comfort and safety on board of recreational craft and how simplification of navigation or collaborative economy can make boating more attractive. It will highlight the lessons learned by the European industry leaders who export their innovations, which allows them to maintain a significant position on the international market.

The event in Paris will be a good opportunity to also look at the recent developments in the field of “marinas of the future”, see how marinas adapt themselves to technological evolution, digital revolution, new services and the users’ demands.

“Innovation & technology – future for boating” is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the subject. The conference will be held in French. No prior registration is required, however you need a valid entrance ticket to access the Nautic boat show.

The event’s programme and the speakers’ list are available in English and French.