Thursday, 07 December 2017 11:35

Digital Boat not abstract but a fact

On Tuesday, 5 December 2017 at the Paris Nautic we took for a 2-hour “Digital Boat Odyssey”. The third edition of the Nautic conference became a great opportunity to discuss the direction in which this "numerical" adventure is heading and the nautical role in it. This year event, organised jointly by European Boating Industry (EBI), the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Nautic Festival, gathered on one stage not only the representatives of the industry who contribute daily to creating new image of boating with the help of digital tools, on land and on water, but also the European Commission policy officers who coordinate the policies related to nautical tourism at the European Union level.

The speakers discussed the digital change happening both on water and on land and the role and responsibilities of the industry and the European Union, with regard to this digitalisation which walks hand in hand with the shared economy. A special session within the conference was dedicated to the nautical tourism and its specific challenges. To read more about the event, take a look at our press release.

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