We swim (or sometimes sink) with the laws of the European Union. In “EU AFFAIRS” and the “NEWSROOM” section you will stay afloat with the EU issues of the main importance to our sector, as we monitor developments at the EU level and inform our members about their impact on the industry. In January 2016, European Boating Industry welcomed the first-ever EU Competitiveness Study published by the European Commission.

The overall objective of which has been to identify the main factors influencing the competitive performance of the EU recreational boating industry and provide policy recommendations on how the competitiveness of this sector in Europe could be improved. We also wish to highlight the work of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) an EU consultative body that adopted its own initiative report on nautical industries on 13 February 2013. The report, entitled 'Nautical industries: restructuring accelerated by the crisis', identifies the obstacles to future growth in the sector and calls on the European Commission to look at ways in which the EU can help to create a genuine single market for boating. The report is available in all EU languages here.

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